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Paintless Auto Dent Removal for Dents and Dings

Dents and Dings are something no one wants on their beautiful automobile. Unfortunately 1 in 3 vehicles on the road can benefit by our services. Please don’t be a statistic! Our method of removing this type of damage from your vehicle is complex and takes a skilled technician years to master. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Leave it to us to bring value and pride of ownership back to your vehicle.

What Is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), is an Insurance industry recognized repair process that involves the removal of hail dents and/or other types of surface damage from a vehicles exterior surface panel without disturbing the factory finish. Paintless Dent Repair is often referred to as “paint-free” and sometimes “dent-less" repair however they are one in the same.

Common Terms for Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Removal


Automotive Dent Repair

Automotive Dent Removal

How Does PDR Work?

In most cases, this procedure involves the use of specialized tools to apply pressure to the underside/backside of the panel to remove surface imperfections. This method is done using special rods and picks designed specifically for Paintless Dent Removal. Damage may also be repaired by bonding a "glue tab" to the exterior of the panel and pulling the dent from the topside with special tools. By using either of these techniques, the technician is able to restore panel appearance, thus eliminating the need for refinishing the panels surface area.

When Can PDR Be Used?

The PDR process is often used to repair hail damage or other similar dents that occur when an outer panel strikes (or is struck by) an object that has not compromised the finish of the panel. Since the outer finish of the panel has not been disturbed, it eliminates steps in the refinishing process and may allow for more timely repairs. The ability to repair vehicles using PDR requires that the technician be able to access the backside of a dent. A wide range of damage can be repaired using PDR; however, usually if there is paint damage, PDR may be unsuitable. Paintless Dent Repair may be used on both aluminum, steel, and high strength steel panels.

Who Can Perform PDR?

As with any type of service, there can be a wide range of experience levels and work quality. We offer the best repair you can find in Paintless Dent Repair. We stand behind our work and strive to stand above the majority of other companies or techs. Our techs are selected based upon integrity, training, good vision, and a patience for detail.

Benefits of PDR:

  • Environmentally safe, since we do not use body fillers or paint.
  • Saves time, extremely fast in comparison to conventional body repair process.
  • Maintains your factory finish, thus retaining your factory paint finish warranty.
  • No risk of incorrect color matching.
  • Retains the current value to your vehicle since no painting is performed.
  • Original body panels remain in-tack. Some manufacturers use VIN number coding on the
    body panels. PDR will allow those panels to stay with your vehicle.

Myths About PDR:

  • Dents cannot be repaired by dry ice and a blow dryer. 
  • Dent will remove itself or pop out in the hot sun.
  • Suction cup will remove my dent. This will remove a majority of some dents, however it would still need to be finished up by Paintless Dent Repair.
  • Dents just “pop out”. This is not what happens when we repair a dent. The dent is massaged out from the back side using sometimes hundreds of tiny pushes to remove even a small dent/ding. 
  • Paint will come off at the dent. Properly performed repair will not result in this happening. 
  • Dents will come back. Not true and if a dent is repaired properly this will not happen. However if you have a larger stretched dent that should have not been a good candidate for Paintless Dent Repair, it may oil can. Which is probably what you’ve heard or seen. 


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